Intro to Poetry: Imperfect


The 5th prompt for this Introduction to Poetry class is Imperfect. Following the recommendation of playing in the form of a limerick, I wrote about some things I have experienced in the last few weeks that come across as imperfect, if only for a moment or in the eyes of others, that did bring me a good smile. I’m sure we’ve heard it and it goes: there is a sweet perfection in the imperfection. Note: It may have the trace bawdy and indecent elements. The limerick is only 5 lines, so it felt short to the imagination, but quick and nice in its delivery.

There is spilled coffee on the linoleum floor
And many this woman’s middle-finger galore
The tantalizing age of seventeen
With a slight delight in the obscene
Maybe all imperfect, maybe all to hold still for

Writing this reminded me of nymphs, or sirens, or maybe the darker stories of the mermaids, where these kittens are lures drawing people in. There’s this tranquility in acknowledging I enjoyed these kinds of things, with the story behind it being that I imagine these moments as things that would be frowned upon. It’s not really how I look at it anymore, and I enjoy that those thoughts bring to mind these mythological critters. Perhaps the next time I take part in something along these lines, like my fondness of spilt coffee or the middle finger, I’ll call it naughty or nymphlike. I’m not sure if I will.


Introduction to Poetry: Friend


The third assignment in Introduction to Poetry is to write something or another about the word friend, with the additional suggestion of using an Acrostic. An acrostic is a device in which the first or last letters of each line spell a word or follow chronological order. That is the gist of an acrostic.

Amassing moments, memories
Movements, change, all dances adorning stars upon my velvety night
Obscuring darkness
Remembering, reminiscing, reinventing.. all from out exchanges
Each and every day, always and truly, this all comes to be

I wrote about friendship as these tangible moments and memories that amass in great, captivating dances to adorn my life with stars of wisdom, love, creativity, and hope. The wisdom, love, and creativity all bring light to my night sky, showing a love, or AMORE, that I do persevere in carrying. Forging this kind of poem anchors these thoughts in mind, extending strength to my hope. In those trying moments, having a simple, strong faith in this truth is what can bring the uplifting light needed for journey to love and passion. I think I wanted to write all of this because I wasn’t particularly specific, but it’s all in good love to fight the good fight. There is a choice I’m making to look through eyes of Amore, and I’m learning a lot of the secret behind a good emotional life is making the choice to look with those kind of eyes. Further, looking for moments and memories grants a focal point if I am truly caught in a web of difficulty.

Introduction to Poetry: Face


Today was a poem about a face. In this poem I played with alliteration and wrote about her, the many-faced face. She seems to whisper wildly, walking with me. Sometimes I see her, and other times I have to remember her. The whispers are good for me. I’m sure she will be hand-in-hand with me in good time.

Poetry, Day Two: Face

Always hiding, helping, hanging around
in this whole serendipitous star system

This whole world lulls lavishly
A face, maybe fictitious, far-fetched fantasy
Speaking softly, soundly
Hush-hush, she’s here to stay

Tumultuous, tantalizing, tranquil
She sure can be

Seems to be we are in the Paradise City
where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

With eyes to see, and ears to hear
We sweetly smile
With eyes blind, and ears deaf
We sweetly smile

Hush-hush, she’s here to stay
Speaking softly, soundly
Always hiding, helping, hanging around
Sweetly smiling

Note: The lines about green grass is from the Alliteration section of wordpress poetry. It was nice to read alliteration has oft been used in proximity, rather than my notion that alliteration actualizes adjacently (False!).

Intro to Poetry – Water


Poetry, Day One: Water
Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water

 We waded into the ocean, how
quickly cold it was at first, we
saw children scurrying to and from the waves, when
further out we swam, she
pushed, pushed, and pushed us towards shore, but fearless
was the swimming,
was the embrace of the rise,
the fall, the release of the sand beneath our feet

The ocean was a deep, deep
blue, and the sky a soothing, soothing
blue, and only a slight, slight wind

Ocean salt and mouth embrace,
the crashing waves stalking any silence,
and all now is love

I took inspiration from a recent trip to the beach, as well as the poem The Kingfishers by Charles Olson. What I took from his poem was the idea of ending a line with what would be the first word of the next line. It gave a feeling of a pause or a proclamation that I enjoyed. Further, I took from his poem putting first the adjective “fearless” and then subsequently describing what was fearless. Also, repeating the first word of lines, as I did with the sound of “blue.” Lastly, I embraced the idea of silence being something that is stalked from his poem, which the waves do at the ocean side. I did enjoy trying out those little things and I hope it made for a nice read. I think this is how I’m going to describe this particular aspect of my beach trip in the future and see how it goes 🙂