There’s a lot of things I would like to say, and I hope to find them. There’s a wonder to life, and I’m working on learning to love it. There’s a luster I want to develop for the mundane, and a sincerity I pursue in love. A lot of things are quirky, and weird, and I want to share what I find, as well as find it within. There’s passion I see, and wonder, in many I have met, and I hope to use writing as a┬ámedium to nurture my own. For some reason, I don’t feel passion as innate. There is something about adding words to moments that is heart-warming, and perhaps some of the magic is in being able to share those moments with others. I feel there is practice to love, practice that is tried and true, practice that I embrace. When you really boil things down, that’s what I’m about. I enjoy yoga, colors, different perspectives, adventure with a companion, and silliness.