Intro to Poetry: Imperfect


The 5th prompt for this Introduction to Poetry class is Imperfect. Following the recommendation of playing in the form of a limerick, I wrote about some things I have experienced in the last few weeks that come across as imperfect, if only for a moment or in the eyes of others, that did bring me a good smile. I’m sure we’ve heard it and it goes: there is a sweet perfection in the imperfection. Note: It may have the trace bawdy and indecent elements. The limerick is only 5 lines, so it felt short to the imagination, but quick and nice in its delivery.

There is spilled coffee on the linoleum floor
And many this woman’s middle-finger galore
The tantalizing age of seventeen
With a slight delight in the obscene
Maybe all imperfect, maybe all to hold still for

Writing this reminded me of nymphs, or sirens, or maybe the darker stories of the mermaids, where these kittens are lures drawing people in. There’s this tranquility in acknowledging I enjoyed these kinds of things, with the story behind it being that I imagine these moments as things that would be frowned upon. It’s not really how I look at it anymore, and I enjoy that those thoughts bring to mind these mythological critters. Perhaps the next time I take part in something along these lines, like my fondness of spilt coffee or the middle finger, I’ll call it naughty or nymphlike. I’m not sure if I will.


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