Introduction to Poetry: Friend


The third assignment in Introduction to Poetry is to write something or another about the word friend, with the additional suggestion of using an Acrostic. An acrostic is a device in which the first or last letters of each line spell a word or follow chronological order. That is the gist of an acrostic.

Amassing moments, memories
Movements, change, all dances adorning stars upon my velvety night
Obscuring darkness
Remembering, reminiscing, reinventing.. all from out exchanges
Each and every day, always and truly, this all comes to be

I wrote about friendship as these tangible moments and memories that amass in great, captivating dances to adorn my life with stars of wisdom, love, creativity, and hope. The wisdom, love, and creativity all bring light to my night sky, showing a love, or AMORE, that I do persevere in carrying. Forging this kind of poem anchors these thoughts in mind, extending strength to my hope. In those trying moments, having a simple, strong faith in this truth is what can bring the uplifting light needed for journey to love and passion. I think I wanted to write all of this because I wasn’t particularly specific, but it’s all in good love to fight the good fight. There is a choice I’m making to look through eyes of Amore, and I’m learning a lot of the secret behind a good emotional life is making the choice to look with those kind of eyes. Further, looking for moments and memories grants a focal point if I am truly caught in a web of difficulty.


4 thoughts on “Introduction to Poetry: Friend

    1. Intention flutters throughout, but I do think a part of it was unintentional.. and a lot of unintentional moments grant good moments 🙂 You reminded me of a few good laughs I have had whereintent was not in hand 🙂

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