Introduction to Poetry: Face


Today was a poem about a face. In this poem I played with alliteration and wrote about her, the many-faced face. She seems to whisper wildly, walking with me. Sometimes I see her, and other times I have to remember her. The whispers are good for me. I’m sure she will be hand-in-hand with me in good time.

Poetry, Day Two: Face

Always hiding, helping, hanging around
in this whole serendipitous star system

This whole world lulls lavishly
A face, maybe fictitious, far-fetched fantasy
Speaking softly, soundly
Hush-hush, she’s here to stay

Tumultuous, tantalizing, tranquil
She sure can be

Seems to be we are in the Paradise City
where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

With eyes to see, and ears to hear
We sweetly smile
With eyes blind, and ears deaf
We sweetly smile

Hush-hush, she’s here to stay
Speaking softly, soundly
Always hiding, helping, hanging around
Sweetly smiling

Note: The lines about green grass is from the Alliteration section of wordpress poetry. It was nice to read alliteration has oft been used in proximity, rather than my notion that alliteration actualizes adjacently (False!).


One thought on “Introduction to Poetry: Face

  1. I also did not realize that alliteration didn’t always have to be words one right after the other until did the intro to poetry course. And I loved that you used alliteration while talking about alliteration, very clever.

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