Bubbly: Musings on people I adore


There are some lovely balls of charm and joy in my life. Truth be told, there are an abundance of good folk in my life right now, but these certain few have something about them that really draws me in, that just excites me, and makes me want to sit next to them, walk with them, and just talk to them. This might turn into rambling, but I want to brainstorm what it is exactly it is. I have inklings.. and there is some desire to add their special spice into my personality. Well, here goes:

Expressiveness comes to mind. I find they are often the first to agree to things that they resonate with, or that they find funny, or that they just enjoy. There is this beautiful liveliness to it that I love, and I feel it shows they have a good grasp of what gets them going and what turns them off. Oftentimes I find myself in a somewhat contemplative state when somebody mentions something, especially if I am in an audience.. but not these folk. They smile and exclaim, or nod their head, joyously meeting your eyes. Perhaps it’s that they are emphatic.. You know, the few that really stand out are all performers or love theater.. That could be it. I have a love for drama geeks.

Another thing that really catches my eye is how freely use touch and gestures. One that comes to mind is so giving of hugs and I recall her embracing my side to ask if I would like to go get coffee. Another greets so joyously, resting a palm on my arm if I am sitting. Of course, there is a difference with people as I know many dislike being touched, but I know it is treasure to me. When they react, they use their bodies, they roll their eyes, they have great swings of their head, and I’ve experienced so much of their vocal range. This seems to remind me of expressiveness. They know their love and get animated about it.. It’s a lot of fun. Plus, these folk often like to show passion through small dances or song.

Another thing that gets me is the charm found in being passionate about something. I remember somebody who spoke of her delight of understanding the flight-or-flight response, and the crowd was dead.. She said, “You know, that really just gets me.. Knowing it works that way.” It was so charming to see her not need the crowd’s approval, that she would generate her own in front of everyone and smile passionately. I adored her right then, and it’s something I have enjoyed in a lot of people. Another friend comes to mind.. She told a funny story and I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic. She began with, “No, you don’t get it. It was so funny, everybody…” There is something about embracing the passion and truth you find in something and sticking to that. It’s something I have began to embrace, and it really lends itself to comfort.. There are things I share that I just know I feel fondly toward.

As far as speaking generally, here are some things I really love in relationships: I love those little jokes and banter that have stories behind them. Those little things you say to each other that sound spiteful, but are really full of endearment. Nicknames, shared stories… I feel these are universal. Small mischievous or loving acts also rock my world, especially after time has passed. I think so fondly of my friend who used to draw in my notebook, or my co-workers that pranked me, or of the culture we shared together. Lastly, I love when someone can speak about a topic for a small amount of time passionately, especially if they intersperse insight and feelings. It just shows me they have really thought about something.

Hey, it turns out I wrote a lot but it is something that I have been wanting to wrap my mind around for a bit. For some reason, a lot of the things I enjoy in others are things that I want to emulate and bring to my relationships. Yes, I have my own style and people do seem to like me, but I want to incorporate more of what I have written about here. It just does me pleasure, and I know I have fallen in love with the people that have brought all of this into my life.

Thanks for the read and let me know what you love in friendships.



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