I was short. Well, I suppose I was always shorter than I am now. A memory that stands out to me is my 1st or 2nd grade teacher telling me she would pray for me when I told her I was going home sick. It’s funny, the things that really stand out to me are the things that took me by surprise. I had never heard anything like that before. This one student’s cheesy grin caught my eye while we were talking, his front tooth was gold. You know, he told me it was made out of gold, and that the silver in his mouth was actual silver. The way I stared into his eyes… He pointed up at the sun and told me that the Earth is rotating around it. Was I stunned? I don’t know, really. I remember being silent. Perhaps we played after that, kickball probably. I wonder if he remembers that. Oh, another memory of a toy that sends a little helicopter up into the sky when you pull the string really fast. It was special.

It’s funny, I seem to forget that stunned wonder I felt so naturally. That could be one of the reasons I picked up fantasy. It was a love, that feeling of exploration. I did cherish good times. In class today, we talked about how many parent’s don’t take their children to funerals, or talk about death. In the moment, I felt that it should be okay to do that… It came to me later, I was deathly afraid of my parents passing away when I was young. How many times did they comfort me about that? Oh, and I always asked “Am I” before going to sleep. It’s short for am I going to have a bad dream. Mom would croon back, “No, no, no.” Sometimes I can play with her nowadays, asking her. She doesn’t like that.


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