Tango – Grab the passion



Angry is a festive emotion. Angry is cheerfully yelling at those rambunctious, rowdy children to get off your lawn. Angry is crooning “Oh yoouuu” when things don’t work out according to plan, like when the drink you ordered just didn’t come out right. Anger is natural, it springs up when those little challenges come and visit. In my experience, anger is tinder that can be used in many, many ways. Crooning, attempting some wit, or just embracing the comments cheerfully can make for a nice dance, where you swing your lovely dance partner out a few steps and then they come right back. Gaze fiercely into the eyes.

Now, I know Mr. Angry can be a persistent bugger, following the orders of his Queen Bee, Mrs. Nag-a-lot. Well, here’s what I have to say. Treat him charmingly, and, and tango! No, no, no, not tango as in mano y mano, but tango – that seductive, fierce dance. Tango for the show of it, for the love of it, for the entertainment of it. Tango to fight the good fight, for the good life. There’s always some kind of love in a dance, and they all learn how to dance through practice. Get out there and tango for us. I want to applaud your tango!

Pronouncing angry as “Ahnnn Gree” and throwing your head up to the sky with a debonair gaze does dance as the tango does.


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