Circus, Circus, Circus!!



It’s a circus. Hey everybody, it’s a circus! What will we see? Dancing elephants, I suppose, under a big, blue tent. Hopefully a ring of fire, dangerous and hot, ready for the little guy in the cannonball, smiling with his thumbs up. I’m sure it will smell dirty, with sweaty bodies and maybe some people who haven’t bathed for days. The more the merrier is what I’ll say, at least to the performances. Will there be ice skating? I don’t think so, but tight rope walking just has to be there. An elephant should walk it, a sight for these twinkling eyes. Dance elephants, dance. Oh, how I want to see them fall and float, float all the way down, landing softly, softly just the way an elephant can. Dreamy, dreamy night, smile sweetly for me.


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